High School Alumni

The foundation and the Salt Lake City School District are teaming with the high school alumni associations to actively encourage former students to support the success of current and future students; thus making a positive impact in the community.

The Salt Lake City School District and Salt Lake Education Foundation are entering new territory by starting down the road of alumni annual giving. This journey began by working hand-in-hand with the East High Alumni Association. Highland High Associates is following quickly and is eager to begin.

Over the past year, the East High Alumni Association partnered with the Salt Lake Education Foundation and a local graphic artist to create the official logo for the association. In addition, work has begun to create mailing pieces to be used in future fundraising efforts to support the students of East High School. The association is actively working with alumni to gather alumni contact information.

The premise of the fundraising effort is focused on cultivating resources amongst the alumni in order to maintain the programs that have created the reputation of excellence at East High. They are encouraging alumni to think back on their high school years and ask themselves:

  • What were the programs and activities that connected you to school?
  • Were they sports, activities, drama, debate, music, or art?
  • Can I support current students in these activities?

These areas of interest engage students and ensure they find a sense of belonging and achievement that is so important to adolescents. These programs need community support in order to maintain their vigor and excellence. Alumni will be encouraged to donate to the program(s) that made a change in their lives and that may influence another East High student's life.

This is just the beginning of the alumni journey. The foundation will be actively encouraging former students to support the success of current and future students; thus making an impact in the community!

Congratulations Maria Elena Lopez!

Maria Elena Lopez
The English Skills Learning Center (ESLC) congratulates Maria Elena Lopez on being named the July 2012 Student of the Month, an award that is given to a person who accomplishes a milestone, is active in class, and has made gains in English proficiency.

As a student in the Empowering Parents class at Glendale, Maria Elena has worked hard to reach her goals. Maria Elena's dedication to her English class is clear from her improvement, excellent attendance, and her leadership qualities: she always welcomes new students and recently recruited a new student to the class on her own. Not only has she made significant gains on her reading and writing test, she also has improved her ability to use her English in other areas of her life. Her teacher reports, "Maria Elena was able to call her auto insurance company and explain to them that they had sold one car and needed to remove it from their policy. She was very happy she could do that for her husband, and she spoke English during the entire call."

Maria Elena has also attended citizenship class since February 2012. She has progressed quickly. In her most recent citizenship assessment test, she improved nine points and got a perfect score! In addition to great classroom attendance, Maria Elena also participated in the ESLC's Citizenship Information Session in May 2012. Her enthusiasm for learning about America is readily seen in her Empowering Parents class as well. When asked who she would most like to meet from history, Maria Elena responded "George Washington" and explained why she was interested in him. Maria Elena successfully passed the U.S. citizenship test in September of 2012.

T. Richard Davis

T. Richard Davis

East High Alumni President

G. Ray Hale

G. Ray Hale

West High Alumni President

Tracy Schmidt

Tracy Schmidt

Highland Associates Treasurer