"You cannot foretell the consequence of a dollar invested in education. It goes on multiplying itself. It becomes not an expenditure but an investment that pays returns far and wide through generations to come." – Gordon B. Hinckley

Education is the key to opportunity.
Scholarships open the doors to education for promising young men and women from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. With donor support for scholarship programs, many Salt Lake City School District students are able to walk through those doors of education knowing that others believe in their future.
With spring arrives graduation and the selection of scholarship recipients. Events presenting these scholarships are a traditional part of graduation. As scholarships are awarded, the Salt Lake Education Foundation wishes to recognize these young men and women, as well as the i Graduation

Scholarships change lives and all types of students need scholarship assistance.
Donors and the Salt Lake Education Foundation work together to create scholarship opportunities that make meaningful differences in the lives of students. If you are interested in supporting scholarship programs, please contact us.

For information on available scholarships can be found in each high school counseling center.