Teacher Recognition

The Teacher Achievement Recognition program is a partnership with The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City School District, and Salt Lake Education Foundation and honors teachers and schools who achieve excellence.

The Teacher Recognition program is provided by a partnership with Granite Credit Union, Salt Lake City School District, and Salt Lake Education Foundation. The program provides significant recognition to Salt Lake City schools and teachers who have distinguished themselves as demonstrated by objective measurement of student performance.

Additionally, direct nominations for District Early Childhood Teacher of the Year and District Special Education Teacher of the Year awards are accepted from administrators, parents, other faculty/staff, and students. The success of this fair, equitable, consistent, and unbiased selection process is without equal in the state of Utah. During the past eleven years, nine teachers from Salt Lake City School District have been selected as finalists in the state competition, and six of the candidates have been selected as Utah Teacher of the Year.

Special Education

Salt Lake City School District is proud of the more than 1,400 certified teachers who, day in and day out, provide a high level of instruction to wonderful children who, in many instances, face significant obstacles to their success.

Outstanding Administrator Recognition This year Salt Lake City School District and Salt Lake Education Foundation recognized a District Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year. The awards provide significant recognition on the regional and state level. The middle and high school level winners are eligible to compete at the national level.

School Growth Awards Recognitions include several different types of awards, all of which are based on growth in student achievement. Student scores from early in the school year are compared to scores from the end of the school year to determine which teachers, teams of teachers, and schools have made the most progress. Comparing growth makes the program fair for all schools, regardless of demographics. Schools achieving recognitions receive large banners to hang in their hallway.

Kellie May Utah Teacher of the Year

Kellie May, Utah Teacher of the Year

Utah Teacher of the Year

Sharon Gallegher-Fishbaugh 2009, Mary Jane Morris 2010, Leigh M. VandenAkker 2012, Mohsen Ghaffari 2015, Valerie Gates 2017, Kellie May 2019