Legacy Giving

Leave a lasting legacy by investing in initiatives and programs aimed at solving tough problems and producing high-impact results through Legacy Giving.

How to Join the Olene Walker Legacy Circle

Education matters. Our students need to be prepared for the 21st Century.
There are several different ways to leave money to the district or school of your choice.
Specifically, you can:

  • Leave a specific monetary bequest in your will.
    For example, you can leave a certain dollar amount to your alma mater.
  • Leave a specific property bequest in your will.
    You also have the option of leaving a certain piece of property, such as a valuable piece of art or an important book, to a school.
  • Leave a percent of your residuary estate in your will.
    You may leave a certain percentage of what is left of your estate after all specific bequests have been made.
  • Create a charitable remainder trust that names your school as the beneficiary.
    Thus, when you die, the school becomes the trust beneficiary.
  • Name the school as the beneficiary of your retirement account.
    This will pass outside of probate and could leave significant funds to your school.

Other estate planning options may also exist that meet your needs and help you leave money to your school.
  • Endowments
  • One-time gifts of long-term appreciated stocks and securities
  • Life Insurance policies to be used as specified by the donor
Choosing the right planned gift depends on your personal circumstances and financial goals.