Thank you for your willingness to get involved! Your service to our students can make a difference in their educational outcomes.

With Regard to Student Safety

Because we want our school community to feel safe and comfortable on our campuses, we have policies and guidelines that volunteers are asked to follow. Our district has established a procedure that adheres to Utah State law requiring school districts to screen prospective volunteers. All unsupervised volunteers need to complete a background check before serving in an unsupervised capacity. See “Unsupervised Volunteers” below for more details.

The foundation’s volunteer efforts fall into two categories.
District volunteer monitoring.
District volunteers can register, apply for a background check and record their service hours from any district kiosk. This makes monitoring volunteers district wide possible.
Volunteer opportunities for corporations and non-profit groups.
Group volunteer opportunities occasionally come through large events, or sometimes through programs to tutor or read to students weekly. The foundation works with schools and volunteer groups to make these opportunities as successful as possible.
A Supervised Volunteer is:

Someone who works directly, either individually or in small groups, with students. This individual must always be in the line of sight of a district employee; never alone with a student.

An Unsupervised Volunteer is:

Someone who travels or may work individually with students where they may not be in the line of site of other adults at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, chaperoning on field trips, one-on-one tutoring or reading groups outside of the classroom. This volunteer must complete a background check prior to any unsupervised volunteering. The background check process is initiated when the potential volunteer fills out an application online or on the school kiosk. Potential volunteers will receive instructive emails leading them through the process. Once the background check is complete, the volunteer will be notified. After signing in at the kiosk, the volunteer will receive a coded name badge indicating unsupervised status.

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