to promote student success in the Salt Lake City School District by using private donations to supplement children's educational experiences.


to have our students leave our schools socially aware, culturally sensitive, academically proficient, and as economically viable citizens of our community.

Pam Perlich
We believe in our students and in their hopes, dreams, and potential. Our schools and our students are strengthened by our district’s diversity. SLCSD embraces and supports all of our students, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, or any other factor. Alexa Cunningham, Ed.D.
Salt Lake City School District
Community Learning
The Salt Lake City School District and Salt Lake Education Foundation have determined that the expansion of school-based Community Learning Centers (CLCs) is the number one priority for the Development and External Relations Department. Early data suggests that student gains increase in a school that provides wraparound services to students and their families.
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Family Support
The Family Support program is administered and managed at the district level. The focus of this effort is to provide classroom teachers and neighborhood schools with the resources to address the basic needs of students. Based upon available resources and student needs, students are provided school supplies, shoes, clothes, uniforms, winter coats, eyeglasses, emergency dental care, and dental sealants.
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Teacher Recognition
The Teacher Achievement Recognition program is provided by a partnership with The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City School District, and Salt Lake Education Foundation. The program provides significant recognition to Salt Lake City schools and teachers who have distinguished themselves as demonstrated by objective measurement of student performance.
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The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiative is a critical focus area of the Salt Lake City School District's Development and External Relations Department and the Salt Lake Education Foundation. Both work together to provide high quality learning opportunities throughout the students' K-12 experience. The effort includes expanding and enhancing STEM learning activities that will give students the skills needed to increase their options for future careers. This initiative helps students foster an interest and, eventually, a love for these fundamental areas of expertise.
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Arts & Music
The primary focus over the last year with the arts and music initiative for the Salt Lake Education Foundation has included many projects, from support of school plays to fine arts shows and competitions. A great example of the ongoing arts opportunities made available to students is the expanding UPlay Piano Outreach program. The strength of this program is found in the partnership with the University of Utah School of Music and Daynes Music Company.
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High School Alumni
The Salt Lake City School District and Salt Lake Education Foundation are entering new territory by starting down the road of alumni annual giving. This journey began by working hand-in-hand with the East High Alumni Association. Highland High Associates is following quickly and is eager to begin.
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Donors and the Salt Lake Education Foundation work together to create scholarship opportunities that make meaningful differences in the lives of students.
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