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Academic Programs


The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiative is a critical focus area that will give students the skills needed to increase their career options. Local, state, and regional public and private corporations continue to make major investments in our schools.

STEM activities supported by the foundation include providing foam core boards for students participating in science fairs, and science related supplies to provide hands-on learning activities in the classroom. These enrichment activities include the very successful West High School Robotics program. FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits are another teaching tool for teachers and classrooms as well as for afterschool enrichment activities. These kits are tied to the core course curriculum and follow closely the science area of study by grade level.

Learn more about 2022-23 STEM support.

Arts & Music

The Salt Lake Education Foundation's donors, volunteers and staff know art and music are critical to produce a well-rounded mind. Art and music classes encourage children to express themselves and allow them to take steps towards innovation that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Art and music help students learn skills that are vital to the 21st century labor market including problem solving, using tools, collaborating and clearly expressing their ideas.

2018-19 School Year:
  • West High School Dance Department Guest Artist taught 225 students.
  • Emerson Elementary School was able to create and install a Cultures of Utah Mural. The mural was created by fourth grade students.
  • Horizonte Instruction and Training Center held their Annual Multicultural Event for families and the community.
  • Salt Lake Center for Science Education's Theater Program made masks, costumes and props.
  • Whittier Elementary School purchased three new keyboards and the Early Years Music Program, Beyond Curriculum book and materials.
  • East High School was able to buy piano program equipment and curriculum.
  • Glendale Middle School was able to utilize piano program sound engineers for their Monster Concert and have neckties and fabric corsages for student performers.


The Salt Lake Education Foundation supports the Salt Lake City School District literacy initiative. Research shows that early reading experiences, opportunities to build vocabularies, and literacy rich environments are the most effective ways to support the development of pre-reading and cognitive skills that ensure that children are prepared for success in school, including grade-level reading, and throughout life. The foundation works with community partners to support schools' efforts to increase student literacy.