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Out of School Time Programs

Community Learning Centers

Salt Lake City School District's Community Learning Centers raise the achievement of all students by building on the knowledge and assets of the youth and community, developing authentic school, family and community relationships and providing access to opportunities that lead to healthier communities. Programs, services and learning opportunities are identified and collocated at the CLC school sites to assist student/family access; thereby creating social, emotional, educational and physical support systems which increase the family resiliency and student academic success.

The district CLCs are able to provide programming space and access to students/families for collaborating agencies to deliver their goods and services. With the common holistic, asset based approach, the CLCs and their staff and volunteers work to address five areas of focus, high quality early childhood education, student academic and leadership development support, adult education, access to health and mental health care and services, and community development and civic engagement.

Healthy Learners Initiative

The Healthy Learners Initiative targets the intersection of health and learning that is integral to serving children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Healthy Learners Initiative results in increased self-esteem and improved ability to perform academically in school. Not only will Healthy Learner students improve their academic performance, the immense health disparities that children face, who are without resources, will be narrowed.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs go beyond just the school—they tap into community resources, partnerships and program vendors to provide our students with engaged learning opportunities.

Intermural Sports

Developing a before/after school intramural program or activity club for students is a great way to provide resources and exposure to new sports, activities and games. It also creates a sense of belonging to the school environment, and connection with teachers and peers outside the classroom.