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2023 Recognition Awards

Teacher of the Year

Each year, the Salt Lake Education Foundation and Salt Lake City School District honor exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled educators. We recognize a Teacher of the Year, an Early Childhood Teacher of the Year and a Special Education Teacher of the Year. After being nominated by students, parents and peers, potential honorees are screened by a community review board. Winning teachers receive a monetary award and are recognized at a districtwide event held every August. Teacher of the Year winners are able to participate in the statewide and, ultimately, nationwide teacher of the year programs.

Administrator of the Year

School administration officers oversee the daily operations of schools and are an essential link between students and the community. Principals and assistant principals advocate for students, set goals and objectives to further children’s education and find new resources to support students and teachers. To recognize administrators who go beyond the daily demands of their position to create an extraordinary educational environment, we created a Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year awards program. These awards acknowledge creative, innovative instructional leaders.

School Counselor of the Year

This year we also introduced the School Counselor Award. School counselors are an integral part of a school’s support system and play an important role in ensuring that students have excellent educational experiences. Our counselors are key to ensuring that students have access to the academic and social-emotional support they need when they need it.

School counselors work with students, parents, fellow educators, and community members to create new paths of learning, achievement, and self-discovery.

Classified Employees of the Year

We are excited to present the inaugural classified employees of the year awards. Classified employees perform a wide range of essential work, including food services, office and clerical work, school maintenance and operations, transportation, academic assistance and paraeducator services.

Classified employees are front-line workers who know the deep meaning of collaboration and working together. They are the connectors that bring buildings and services together to care for and educate our community’s children.

Classified employees have responsibilities that impact student learning like lowering the risk for security vulnerabilities, ensuring that technology is always available and boosting availability of teachers to create productive learning environments. Building cleanliness and safety are critical to a sense of belonging. They are also adults that students and families feel they can approach. 

Headshot: Bee Alonso

2023 Child Nutrition Employee of the Year

Headshot: Cindy Mills

2023 Office Personnel Employee of the Year